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23 MAY 2024 opening of the exhibition "FLOW/HOME" by Holger Lang: performance together with Kitty Kino and Michael Pogo Krainer, Factory, Künstlerhausvereinigung Vienna

13 MARCH to 15 MAY 2024 group exhibition „Feminine without limits“, Art 3 Galery, Vienna

MARCH 2024 performance together with AnaMaria Heigl and Ana Spahn "SchuhWieDu", within the scope of the exhibition  „Madly beautiful– Beautifully mad", Kulturgarage Seestadt

13 SEPTEMBER 2023 performance "Traces", Factory, Künstlerhausvereinigung Vienna: Astrid Friedl with her skirts, Ana Spahn improvising on her cello, afterwards interview artist talk with Mela Diamant and Astrid Friedl, Joanna Pianka photografic documentation, this projekt is supported by BILDRECHT

24 MAY TO 23 JULY 2023

"SISTERHOOD II", group exhibition of Intakt female artists, Kunsthaus Laa im Bürgerspital, Laa/Thaya


Artistic input for "DEMEDARTS - Dementia.Empathy.Education.Arts." (arts-based research project at the University of Applied Arts Vienna), Factory, Künstlerhausvereinigung Vienna


"Females chasing skirts", Artist Statement, Parallel Vienna, former Semmelweiß Hospital, Vienna

MAY 2022

"Im.Puls", QuoVadis, solo exhibition, Vienna

APRIL 2022

"WE DO LIVE!", solo exhibition, Cathedral perish St. Stephan, Vienna

JULY 2021

"What connects us - culture creates solidarity", group exhibition,

Alois-Drasche-Park, 1040 Vienna, association kunstschaffen, curator: Gabriele Baumgartner


Award 1st prize for “Professional Expertise” granted  for the advanced training concept “The Art of Healing - painting as a means of coping with stress, especially for caregivers" (thesis at the Vienna Health and Nursing School, Medical Center Favoriten), organized by the Vienna Health Association, supported by the Vienna Chamber of Labor

APRIL 2019

Presentation of the advanced training concept “The Art of Healing - Painting as a means of coping with stress, especially for caregivers”, 59th Austrian Geriatrics Congress, University of Vienna

MARCH 2017
"Haha! JOKE. Comic and Satirical Art ”, group exhibition,, Vienna

MARCH 2017
“Wunderwerk”, Wunderwerk Wien, Ankerbrotfabrik, Vienna

Bread installation on the occasion of the inauguration of the Wunderwerk Wien premises. Special thanks to Franck Langlais, Die Kleine Bäckerei, Brunn / Gebirge

JUNE 2016
"Room for origin: new roots, old borders", group exhibition,, Vienna

JUNE 2015
" ALIVE ", Konzertcafé Schmid Hansl, Vienna

Interactive performance of music and painting, "Knights" and "Peeled Onions" (Johannes Diem, Rupert Stelzer, Willi Platzer

“Shiny Shoes”, Galery Domenig, Ankerbrotfabrik, Vienna

Performance “Reduced” together with AnaMaria Heigl

September 2014
“Photography”, group exhibition,, Vienna

MAY 2014
"The Art of Music", group exhibition,, Vienna

“Drawings: From Architecture to Zoo”, group exhibition,, Vienna

MAY 2013
"Generation 20+", group exhibition,, Vienna

Joint exhibition with Anya Kirsten, "Panel paintings: Female Knights III & The Legacy of Time", Galery Vinosage, Hamburg

Machine-RAUM, A Festival for video art and digital culture, Vejle / Denmark

Governors Island Art Fair, "Female Knights II", New York, organized by The 4heads

MARCH 2009
Participation in the "International Fire Salon" on Stromboli, Italy,  organized by Kain Karawahn

JULY 2008
"BridgePort" exhibition as part of the annual exhibition at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts

JUNE 2007
Nominated for the Walter Koschatzky Art Prize

APRIL 2007
Solo exhibition " Heart Chamber Armory - Trilogy in Two Parts", kunstraum no. 5, Vienna

Organization and participation in the group performance “A New Year´s Midnight Dream (Silvesternachtstraum)”, Galery mel contemporary, Vienna

Solo exhibition " fragile" , Prospekthof (Semperdepot) Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

NOV. / DEC. 2005
Group exhibition "flowers in the garden", Galery Karenina, Vienna

2004, 2005
Solo exhibitions at KSV 1870, Vienna

Participation in the video film “Pintando Habana” by Rupert Schwarz, Cuba

Solo performance: drama monologue and singing, Vienna

Participation in the flame theater performance “dietheaterbrandstiftung” by Kain Karawahn, dietheater Vienna

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